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  • Our lead attorney and founder Dr. Elena has over 25 years of immigration experience.

  • Dra. Elena was born in Bulgaria. From very little she understood the importance of community service and help those who have no voice. Her first 5 years of life she spoke nothing but Romanian, as her Grandma after who she was named - Elena - was lady-in-waiting for the Queen Marie of Romania until 1943, when the territory was given to Bulgaria after the Second World War.

  • How was it to grow with a Grand Duchess as Grand Mother? Rules were set for everything: etiquette about how to eat, what utensils to use, but most of all about a loving God and his beautiful Mother Mary, as Grand Mother would always have Elena silently pray for 3 minutes every day at the image of Virgin Mary. 

  • Little did Elena know that she also had Mexican heritage and that part of her family was from Guadalajara and Tamazula, Jalisco. As she came to the United States, she met her Mexican relatives who welcomed her with open arms.

  • Dr. Elena is originally from Bulgaria with family in Jalisco, Mexico, and she immigrated to the United States in 1989.

  • She lived at Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas for women victims of violence and aggression. 

  • In a pre-VAWA Age, Dr. Elena was a pioneer in the support for VAWA as she was a victim of domestic violence in 1990 and received her permanent resident status in 1993 based on extreme hardship.

  • Dr. Elena received full academic scholarship to Texas Tech School of Law in Lubbock and graduated Cum Laude as Doctor in Law (Juris Doctor) in 1997.

  • She worked as an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Texas Business School and taught Family Law and Business Law for two years before opening her own law firm.

  • Dr. Elena is a proud mother of five daughters whom she is raising with her husband Scott Perry.

  • Dr. Elena is fluent in Spanish, Bulgarian and Russian and she considers herself proud member of the Mexican immigrant community.

  • She provides free legal assistance to Catholic priests in their pursuit of religious work visa and green card based on their vocation as priests. Presently she has helped priests from over 33 parishes in Texas and outside of the state of Texas.

  • Dr. Elena is a proud gold sponsor of Catholic Radio Guadalupe 850 AM.

  • In 2012, she was in charge of preparing the canonic application for independent church, as San Juan Diego was a Hispanic mission to St. Monica Catholic Church in Dallas. 

  • Dr. Elena is a founding member of San Juan Diego Catholic Church in Dallas.  

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