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  • Our lead attorney and founder Dr. Elena has over 25 years of immigration experience.

  • Dr. Elena is originally from Bulgaria with family in Jalisco, Mexico, and she immigrated to the United States in 1989.

  • She lived at Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas for women victims of violence and aggression. 

  • In a pre-VAWA Age, Dr. Elena was a pioneer in the support for VAWA as she was a victim of domestic violence in 1990 and received her permanent resident status in 1993 based on extreme hardship.

  • Dr. Elena received full academic scholarship to Texas Tech School of Law in Lubbock and graduated Cum Laude as Doctor in Law (Juris Doctor) in 1997.

  • She worked as an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Texas Business School and taught Family Law and Business Law for two years before opening her own law firm.

  • Dr. Elena is a proud mother of five daughters whom she is raising with her husband Scott Perry.

  • Dr. Elena is fluent in Spanish, Bulgarian and Russian and she considers herself proud member of the Mexican immigrant community.

  • She provides free legal assistance to Catholic priests in their pursuit of religious work visa and green card based on their vocation as priests. Presently she has helped priests from over 33 parishes in Texas and outside of the state of Texas.

  • Dr. Elena is a proud gold sponsor of Catholic Radio Guadalupe 850 AM.

  • In 2012, she was in charge of preparing the canonic application for independent church, as San Juan Diego was a Hispanic mission to St. Monica Catholic Church in Dallas. 

  • Dr. Elena is a founding member of San Juan Diego Catholic Church in Dallas.  


Our team of Dream Catchers is dedicated to our Hispanic
community. We provide solutions outside of the box and we make the dreams of legalization of our displaced Hispanic clients come true.

* Who is our client?

Our client is Hispanic, he comes to our office feeling lost and very sad for he is missing his country and he had not seen his parents 
for over a decade or more. Our client is very tired and usually dozes off in the waiting room, as he has worked all morning. He is in his working clothes soiled with fresh paint and oil. You may even catch a glimpse of his tattoo of the Rosario or of our Virgin of Guadalupe. Our client has patiently been waiting since 1986 but no big reform has passed. He is not looking me up in my
eyes, he is losing hope and he fears that my eyes would confirm that he cannot do anything at this point. Sitting hunched over and holding his hands he looks and feels very lost.  

And there comes the Dream Catcher from our Team, and after carefully evaluating the client’s immigration case, she gives the client the good news: he is eligible to adjust. The reaction of my client upon hearing the happy news is stunning: his eyes open in sheer disbelief, while his wife is in shock and is quietly crying.
This is what we are - the Dream Catcher Team.

* Why is our Dream Catcher team the best in town?

We view our client with empathy as one of us, as our family. Our goal is to catch the bad, ugly, and distorted information that our client was received about his current immigration options, which has formed a dark cloud, like a bad dream, over my hard-working client. As Dream Catchers, we do not offer expensive non- solutions, nor do we misrepresent the gravity of each case.

We empathize with each immigrant brother and sister, husband and wife, father, and mother, for all our Dream Catcher team of attorneys and legal assistants are Mexican-born or of Mexican 
heritage, and we all speak Spanish. Our promise is to listen carefully, evaluate the client’s record and formulate a solution.

*Why are we Dream Catchers?

The Dream Catcher is a mystic symbol of the Ojibwe tribe,
converted to Catholicism 100 years ago. The tribal members believed that at night the air is filled with dreams, both good and bad. According to our Mexican folklore, bad dreams and good dreams impact our client: just like dark and fake news negatively affect him, while true positivity opens channels of trust, kindness, and loyalty. The Dream Catcher provides protection from bad
dreams by “catching” them, while letting good dreams pass through to reach our client and make him experience happiness and gladness.

At Kareneva Law Firm, we are seasoned Dream Catchers, so we attract and then dispel the bad dreams and negative thoughts of our client, while we allow for positive thoughts and beautiful dreams to reach him. We trap and dispel all bad legal advice, hearsay and negativity, untruth, in our Dream Catcher web while
we nurture the good dreams, hopes and possibilities of our client. 

*What is our Dream Catcher’s secret of twenty-five years in the immigration practice and still going strong?

The secret is in our Dream Catcher recipe: former, present, and future clients look for us always, NOT because of advertising or big new offices, or new lush poster signs, or a four-story high-rise building… They look for us because we win their trust ONE GOOD DREAM AT A TIME!

Meet Our Team Of Dream Catchers

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